Salwa Abboud Fengshui Master

The Ministry (Effortless Living) began in 1991 when Salwa had read one book on Feng Shui, her appetite was wet & while teaching Archery that year in the States she went to workshop after workshop and traveled to other countries for knowledge, her CV became 4 pages long on this philosophy.

After studying many schools and methods, she recognized what is pure and what is/was made up to sell knick knacks that are passed off as Feng Shui.

Most of what was out there flooding the Net, magazines and book shops was McFengshui (did I want fries with that) as one person called it.

Through rational reasoning, thinking, objective analysis & practice it made sense.

With 3 kids under 2 and a half, I opened my mouth and people could not get enough.

I designed a business for me. Although I am sometimes under the Mercy of my schedule, it was-time to change that too.

My journey of a Thousand Leagues started.

Since then the Ministry (Effortless Living) has consulted on land, designed many homes, staged homes for unexpected $$ when selling, helped find the perfect home and businesses as well as trained many students who have used this to increase their own knowledge or to add another level to their own business such as; kinesiologists, masseurs, home makers, reflexologists, naturopaths, healers, tarot readers, clairvoyants, real estate agents, builders & architects just to name a few.

The Ministry is in demand and so is the level of Training & Consulting, this unwavering standard is why the courses became Accredited in 2007 to make consultants responsible for what was and still is being peddled out there as Feng Shui.

Both the Certificate in Feng Shui Consultancy & Certificate in Chinese Astrology-Four Pillars of Destiny are complete on these subjects & not mixed with anything else claiming to be Feng Shui or Destiny.

We take pride knowing we have managed to successfully deliver courses and consults with a professional, masterly, impressive & pleasant attitude.

Our Vision

To harmonise & balance every building ethically & with integrity. Practice only the purest form of Feng Shui.

Our Values

  • Working with absolute integrity with our students, clients & each other.
  • Showing Professional & Ethical conduct at all times.
  • Sharing only accurate, professional information in its purest form.
  • Creating a supportive environment for students to be their best to reach their goals.
  • Celebrate the realisation of accomplishments with the support of teachers, mentors & fellow Students.
  • Professional knowledge leading to professional expertise.

Our Mission

  • To educate & provide an outstanding standard of Qualified, accomplished Feng Shui consultants & Four Pillars of Destiny consultants.
  • These consultants develop a career by sharing their knowledge with others.

The Ministry Vision

  • Our Vision is to build a School where every child/student will be Academic, Achieve & Accomplish their best.
  • Our Vision is to build a Hospital where all surgery is successful & recovery/healing time is halved.

If you know of someone or would like to help with this vision please contact us.