Book 1 – “Tools, Cures and Myths”- Clearing the confusion of Feng Shui.

Full Color – Available now $30.00+3 P&H

“Harmony is not the name of a pole dancer in Shepparton”

The demand for quick fix classes have added to the misconceptions & misunderstandings of Feng Shui. This book educates the average & professional person on the Tools, Cures & so called Remedies of Feng Shui. What is Pure Feng Shui & what is new age Feng Shui; from all other Cultures and lumped into the Title of Feng Shui to sell the product.

“I wrote this book to educate, so that so called consultants will take responsibility for the wrong advice they are giving people, selling wanna be feng Shui remedies because they dont have the knowledge”.

Book 2 – Analysis of homes, business & other buildings

(to be reprinted in color) $30.00 plus $3 postage & Handling.

Feng Shui analysis of plans of homes, buildings, businesses, Jails, tents, caravans, cubby houses, sheds & more.

Four Pillars of Destiny Book 1

Available now – $30.00 plus $3 postage and handling.

Looks at the 5 elements via the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches, Yin and Yang with explanations of all the elements.

Four Pillars of Destiny Book 2

Available now – $35.00 plus $3 postage and handling.

Features analysis of many charts to show the difference in the 5 elements as a person and all the Luck cycles that you may go through also explained in detail.

Character Reading Book 1

Available now – $35.00 plus $3 postage and handling.

Looks at the features that make each person, the Yin and Yang sides of your face, what other elements add to your character of reading your own and clients faces.

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