Become a Four Pillars of Destiny Consultant

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The birth of a person can be translated into a combination of Elements; 8 characters representing year, Month, day and hour (each expressed by 2 characters).

Calculating and interpreting the five phase components (Chi) you inhaled at birth, giving you an accurate evaluation of a person, their background, talents, potentials, relationships, health, success, challenges, wealth and predict their future.

Understanding your own elemental nature, you can live with more awareness of your own personal constitution and character and that of the people you live with.

The Ministry of Feng Shui & Four Pillars of Destiny are Accredited courses.

We offer a powerful, comprehensive & thorough the Certificate in Four Pillars of Destiny Consultancy.

The course offers many on-site visits and examples to help in your understanding, help build your knowledge and help you gain confidence as you start in your Professional consulting career with support from both the Ministry & Mentors/students/consultants who have graduated.

The Ministry has trained many students; well informed, achieving, accomplishing with confidence and expertise while honoring this Ancient Chinese Method of harmonizing and balancing the energy of your home, business and yourself to live effortlessly and help others do the same.

Investment:  paid per lesson (12 Lessons)

Time: 10am- 2pm

Starts: March 2019

All students must have 1,000 Year calendar book for first class (details on inquiry)

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2018 Tuesday Classes

Class dates

  • Tuesday 27th February
  • Tuesday 27th March
  • Tuesday 17th April
  • Tuesday 8th & 29th May
  • Tuesday 19th June
  • Tuesday 24th July
  • Tuesday 7th & 28th August
  • Tuesday 18th September
  • Tuesday 16th October
  • Tuesday 6th November


  • All students must have 1,000 year Calendar for first class (details/order on inquiry)

  • Light lunch & refreshments available.
Classes begin 10am sharp
Classes finish 2pm sharp
Investment $210 per class
Method of payment Before each class
Manual & Tools Given on commencement
Assessment & Certificate Fees To be confirmed
Graduation Ceremony Details first class