Why & When you need Feng Shui in the Business

Success in uncertain and times are challenging, lets face it we could all use some extra help right now.

The future of any business can be improved.

A Feng Shui consultation in a business, increases sales, improves productivity, therefore increase in profits and assets, achievements, accomplishments and harmony with clients and employees.

  • For Effortless living & holding onto your health & wealth.
  • When planning to design your office space & business
  • Rent, lease or build your new office or business.
  • To Enhance & improve your wealth & health.
  • Harmonious & prosperous Employer, Employee & Client relationships.
  • When you & every staff member/employee comes into challenges & what to do; this prevents doing things 3 times with no results.
  • Prevention of Authority issues with all staff, robberies, lawsuits & accidents.

What is required:

  • Plan of the building, The Year of building completion including renovations/additions.
  • Birthdate of Proprietor.
  • (You can do all your employees birthdates especially if you want to know who has money in their birth chart in a particular month,
  • then this person can do the sales for that month, who has expression for the month, this person can do all the negotiating for the month, etc.)

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