Keep in mind Pure Feng Shui is a method that tells the REAL consultant where each energy is, money, health, relationship. It has nothing to do with the Bagua, it is used incorrectly by Wanna Be Feng Shui consultants.

If you have had a consultation and the Bagua was used, instead of the method-Flying stars then ask of its origins.

  • Ki – it is Japanese numerology, Numerology is not part of Feng Shui.
  • Number 4-only if you are cantonese/mandarin it will sound like death, not to anyone else.
  • Money Toad.
  • Bamboo Flutes.
  • Dzi Beads.
  • Mandarin Ducks-comes from Japanese Fables.
  • Maneki Neko Cat, we know as the lucky cat-comes from Japanese Fables.
  • Money in Red Packets-part of Chinese Culture.
  • Mirrors can only be placed by a REAL consultant to draw in prosperity, placed anywhere else they can be harmful.
  • Clutter-never had an association with Feng Shui, made up by Westerners. We all accumulate clutter and when you are ready you will deal with it.

Objects that can be used, but only a REAL Consultant can advice on where to place these.

  • Chinese Coins (only in certain direction for ill health) not in your wallet/invoice book, etc.
  • Fish only used to activate $$ once you are advised of where that is in your home= Prosperous/in Age Water stars.
  • Bagua Mirrors are used with caution if used at all as they are not represented with solid and broken line (Heaven Sequences) in the right order.
  • Dragon Head Turtle is used to cure the Tai Sui/Grand Duke each year, where Jupiter resides to disperse of losses and injury.
  • Kirin also must be placed correctly to disperse of a negative energy affecting your home.

Try not to throw/drop your wallet there, that’s the only way your money will be flushed away.

This has no relationship to Feng Shui it was made up early 80s,Remember modern plumbing only bought the toilet into the house recently, not 6,000 years ago, this is exaggerated and not accurate.

If you do have the money energy in your toilet, your consultant can advise you what to use if possible to remedy and keeping the toilet seat down is not a remedy-Crap!

There is no such info in Chinese History about flutes. It is a modern day object to make money. The only thing that really corrects the downward energy of an exposed beam is a false ceiling.

There is an energy in every building and it represents the youth; new born, getting pregnant, young people, etc.

If the youth are always ill then this energy is not grounded or supported and needs to be otherwise all the young in this house will be ill and unsupported=not do well at all.

Some children have/born with weak constitutions and need more support/nourishment than normal and certain elements can do that.

Again only a REAL consultant can tell you where it is, what it is, then advise on remedy.

One of the principles of Feng Shui is to place the occupants in Human Fortune/Luck; this will help you hold onto your money, health and live effortlessly, it cannot be the same for any 2 homes.

2 doors aligned is not $$ escaping, it is impolite in many cultures to show someone the back door when they have not entered the front door yet, but someone thought Oh that is good lets use it Feng Shui.

This is the BIGGEST misinterpretation of Feng Shui, be careful where you place it, Water by nature activates an area, be careful you are not activating another aspect in your life; legal, frustration, conflict, negative relationships, etc, SO DON”T DO IT! Unless you have been advised.


You need to get over that & let it go. Does a pilot going from Melbourne to China use a different compass-NO.

It is elemental; the 5 phases/elements of nature only, not localised weather.


The bagua was never designed to be used as the simple magic mirror.

Mirrors have no connection to Feng Shui in this way, they are used in/represent Early Heaven Sequence (Polarity where there’s no change, perfect world, like garden of EDEN.

A mirror will double and bring in the energy at your front door, so if it is anger, money, losses, injury then that is what will happen. REMOVE IT!

If there’s $$$ at your front door you will know about it by now as you are activating this energy by coming and going.