Monthly Update: The Earth Snake-May 2019

The Earth Snake-May 2019

This month begins Monday 6th May at 3:04am

May Feng Shui Update

Southwest; every home/building has the difficulty with obstacles and destructive energies which is Earth; use 6 Metal bells/6 pipe Metal chime to disperse of this negative energy.

Northeast; every home/building has the ill health energy with infertility and trouble, this too is Earth; use 6 metal coins.

Extra care if Travel to/sleeping in these directions & if your front door, kitchen or gathering area/s are in these directions, the energy is felt by all in the building.

May Four Pillars Update

We have a Yin Earth element on top and the Earth Snake on the bottom.

Fire by nature Supports the Earth.

Check if the Fire & Earth element is favourable.

The Yin Earth is the Belly & Spleen (the Year is also the Spleen keep that in mind).

The Snake is the Face & Teeth.

Make sure you take care of issues relating to any of these before they become problems and make sure you are in a good area (Luck=Mountain=Human Fortune) of your home, which will help you get through the month.

The Circle of Life

The Yin Earth harmonises with Yang Wood producing more Earth.

This brings 2 elements/people together.

The Snake is a “Thinker & Strategist” and his motto is

“I Plan”.

In other words; Determined, Wise & Intense.

The Snake harmonises with the Monkey, when they combine they make Water.

The Snake, Rooster and the Ox combine and produce more Metal.

The above 3 animals are “Thinkers”.

These 3 animals who get their thoughts and plan before taking ACTION.

The Circle of Conflict

The Yin Earth on top does not Clash or Challenged. YAY!

The Snake clashes/challenged by the Pig (also the Year is a Pig.  

Both are Travel Stars; make the Move/change.

The Earth is a Man for a Water Women (Yin or Yang).

The Earth is a Woman for a Wood Man (Yin or Yang).

The Fire is a Man for a Metal Women (Yin or Yang).

The Fire is a Woman for a Water Man (Yin or Yang).

Challenging Days in May are;  14th 26th. Most challenging Hours in May; 9-11am & 9-11pm

Your Personal Four Pillars

Look at your birth chart to see if Fire & Earth are a favorable element and what aspect each represents.

For you as an element

Wood people –   $$$$$ & Your Midas (Talents, skills) touch makes you change/move.

Water people – a little or pressure you can cope with, it may bring promotion as there’s $$$$$$ from the pressure.

Metal people – Learning path is here (Four Pillars or Feng Shui sounds good) & some pressure to make the change to learn/path.

Earth people – About you & Friends, family, colleagues and Learning/study too (Four Pillars or Feng Shui sounds good).

Fire people – Talents, skills, open your Mouth and family, friends gatherings.