Why & When you need Feng Shui for the home

A Feng Shui home consultation, influences, manages and changes your environment to your advantage, without others noticing that a consultant has been, only that it feels great and everyone enjoys being at home or coming home.

  • For Effortless living & holding onto your health & wealth.
  • Planning to design or build your new home & land.
  • Rent, lease or buy a new home.
  • Boost your Health.
  • To Enhance & improve your wealth.
  • Harmonious Relationships.
  • Change of Life due to: Separation, Divorce & Moving.
  • Prevention of Robberies, Lawsuits & Accidents.
  • Fertility in life & Pregnancy.

Book in for a consultation whether it is health, money, fertility, luck, wealth, relationships or just to balance and harmonize.

What is required:

  • A plan of the home.
  • The year it was built, including renovations/additions.
  • Birthdates of all occupants.

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