What you learn is the real and never changing methods of analysis and you will have that for life, it will never be outdated or superseded by anything better.

Feng Shui is not intentional, intuitive or New Age.

You will have the skill to read, analyse and arrange your home and environment in a way that is ideal for health, happiness & prosperity.

Investment: $220 per lesson (11 lessons)
Time: 10am-2pm
Starts: Sunday 2nd Feb

* All students require a Lo Pan Compass. (details on inquiry)

Certificate in Feng Shui Consultancy

2020 Sunday Classes (11 Classes)

  • Sunday 2nd February
  • Sunday 1st March
  • Sunday 5th April
  • Sunday 19th July
  • Sunday 16th & 30th August
  • Sunday 13th September
  • Sunday 11th October
  • Sunday 8th
  • Sunday 22nd November
  • Sunday 6th December

* All students will need either a Lo Pan Compass or other (details in first class)
* Recording of class is permitted
* Light Lunch & Refreshments available.

Classes begin10am sharp
Classes finish2pm sharp
Investment$220 per class
Method of paymentBefore each class
Manual & ToolsOn commencement
Assessment & Certificate FeesIncluded
Graduation CeremonyDetails first class