It is very hard to believe that an enormous change can happen by moving a rug a few centimeters one way, it can make a life force energy travel in a room for hours, after arrangement is restored.

A simple change can have a powerful result. A consultant making suggestions for furniture arrangements may also be/should be taking the unseen influences into account, which in turn will have a bearing on their recommendation.

For a Home analysis, we must consider:

  • Define containment of energy
  • Identify the energy of each room in the home
  • Balance a room with furnishings keeping it to Feng Shui principles
  • Demonstrate the “Perfect Arrangement” in each room
  • Report & recommend correct placements of furniture & objects.
  • Distinguish between the energy of the past & the present when placing certain objects.
  • Explain best way to have stairs
  • Explain the disharmony with en-suite in bedrooms
  • Outline stove orientation in relation to the sink – elementally.
  • Analyse home room by room

Considerations when making furniture arrangement recommendations:

  • The kind of room & the type of activity that will take place in that room.
  • Bedrooms, family rooms, bathrooms, kitchens & dining rooms all have different requirements.
  • The structural considerations of the room. Is it open plan? Are the main living spaces enclosed or open? Are there half walls, voids or skylights to cater for?
  • What is the relationship flow of the rooms from the front entrance to the bedrooms, from a lower level to an upper one?
  • The window & door ratios in the room to be furnished.
  • The features of the environment, e.g., views, garden, other Feng Shui & environmental considerations which may need to be taken into account.

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