Monthly Forecast

January Monthly Forecast

January 2020 = Fire Rat

This month begins Monday 6th January at 5:32am

January Feng Shui Update

North; every home/building has the difficulty with obstacles and destructive energies which is Earth; use 6 Metal bells/6 pipe Metal chime to disperse of this negative energy.

West; every home/building has the ill health energy with infertility and trouble, this too is Earth; use 6 metal coins.

Extra care if Travel to/sleeping in these directions & if your front door, kitchen or gathering area/s are in these directions, the energy is felt by all in the building.

January Four Pillars Update

We have a Yin Fire element on top and the Earth Ox on the bottom.

Fire by nature Feeds the Earth. Check if the Fire & Earth element is favourable. The Yin Fire is the Eyes & Heart. The Ox is the Belly & Spleen.

Make sure you take care of issues relating to any of these before they become problems and make sure you are in a good area (Luck=Mountain=Human Fortune) of your home, which will help you get through the month.

The Circle of Life

The Yin Fire harmonises with Yang Water producing Wood.

This brings 2 elements/people together.

  • The ox is the “Thinker & Enforcer” and his motto is “I Will”.
  • In other words; hardworking, dependable, trustworthy.
  • The Ox harmonises with the Rat, when they combine they make Earth.
  • The Ox, Rooster and the Snake combine and produce more Metal.
  • The above 3 animals are “Thinkers”.

These 3 animals are the air you breathe this Month on certain days & you will feel; Thoughts and strategy into action, planners, decision-makers,, do not need the approval of others, only Validation that they are doing the right things.

It is about looking at the facts then investigate.

Consistent, tenacious, gifted with foresight, recognised for their dedication to duty, determination and ability to inspire others by example.

The Circle of Conflict

The Yin Fire on top Challenges Yin Water.

The Ox challenges the Goat.

Many endings regarding the earth, hence the Fires.

Hard work Month for all.

  • The Earth is a Man for a Water Women (Yin or Yang).
  • The Earth is a Woman for a Wood Man (Yin or Yang).
  • The Fire is a Man for a Metal Women (Yin or Yang).
  • The Fire is a Woman for a Water Man (Yin or Yang).

Challenging Days in January are; 17th 29th 2020. Most challenging Hours in January; 2-4pm DS

Your Personal Four Pillars

Look at your birth chart to see if Earth & Water are a favorable element and what aspect each represents.

For you as an element

  • Wood people – $$$$$$ and Shining, show the way to others, open your mouth.
  • Water people – $$$$$$$ from pressure, promotion, hard work.
  • Metal people – We are listening speak and you will be heard, study, ideas, learning-Come do a course.
  • Earth people – family, friends, you and a lot of Support, ideas, learning, you should come do a course too.
  • Fire people – Shining from your Family, friends, colleagues, ask for what you want and Shazam!

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