Monthly Forecast

September 2021 Monthly Forecast

September 2021 = Fire & Metal (Rooster)
This month begins Saturday 7th at 5.55pm

September Feng Shui Update

  • East; every home/building has the difficulty with obstacles and destructive energies which is Earth; use 6 Metal bells/6 pipe Metal chime to disperse of this negative energy.
  • South; every home/building has the ill health energy with infertility and trouble, this too is Earth; use 6 metal coins.

Remedy & you will only feel 5% of these negative energies.

September Four Pillars Update

We have a Yin Fire element on top and the Metal Rooster on the bottom.

Fire Controls/disciplines the Metal. Check if the Fire & Metal are favourable.

  • The Yin Fire is the Heart & Eyes
  • The Rooster is the S. Intestine & Blood.

Make sure you take care of issues relating to any of these before they become problems and make sure you are in a good area (Luck=Mountain=Human Fortune) of your home, which will help you get through the month.

The Circle of Life

  • The Yin Fire harmonises with Yang Water producing Wood.
  • The Rooster harmonises with the Dragon, when they combinethey make Metal.
  • This brings 2 elements/people together.
  • The Rooster is the “Thinker & Administrator”. Motto is “I Count” how many more can he F…
  • The Rooster, Snake & Ox (year) combine and produce moreMetal.

The above 3 animals are “Thinkers”. As the Month is the Fire Rooster elementally. You are also breathing in; Planning, scheming based on statistics that they put together, so they can remain on the Fence to F…. everyone.

The Circle of Conflict

  • The Yin Fire challenges Yin Water
  • The Rooster challenges the Rabbit. & is a Penalty to other

Roosters especially everyday at a certain time (below)
It is a Month that brings Changes; emotions that go deep and will stain. A domineering and pompous element, without meaning, insensitive to others feeling, unforgiving and impatient. Keep tissues handy.

  • The Fire is a Man for a Metal Woman (Yin or Yang).
  • The Fire is a Woman for a Water Man (Yin or Yang).
  • The Metal is a Man for a Wood Women (Yin or Yang).
  • The Metal is a Woman for a Fire Man (Yin or Yang).

Challenging Days in September are; 3rd 16th 22nd 28th & 4th October

Most challenging Hours in September 5-7am/5-7pm (dinner time).

Your Personal Four Pillars

Look at your birth chart to see if Fire & Metal are a favorable element and what aspect each represents.

For you as an element-No change as still same elements yet emotional this Month rather changes.

  • Wood people – Shining & pressure=promotion?
  • Water people – $$$ for study, ideas and resources.
  • Metal people – Pressure from Family and they come from everywhere.
  • Earth people – Health, ideas, study and putting it out there.
  • Fire people – everyone has a handout from what you receive $$$$$$$$$.

October begins on the 8h 2021.

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