Monthly Forecast

July 2021 Monthly Forecast

July 2021 = Wood & Earth (Goat)
This month begins Wednesday 7th at 5.07am

July Feng Shui Update

  • North; every home/building has the difficulty with obstacles and destructive energies which is Earth; use 6 Metal bells/6 pipe Metal chime to disperse of this negative energy. Keep in mind that there should already be saltwater in a sealed jar, you can just leave that it will help.
  • West; every home/building has the ill health energy with infertility and trouble, this too is Earth; use 6 metal coins.

Extra care if Travel to/sleeping in these directions & if your front door, kitchen or gathering area/s are in these directions, the energy is felt by all in the building.

July Four Pillars Update

We have a Yin Wood element on top and the Earth Goat on the bottom. Wood Controls/disciplines the Earth.
Check if the Wood & Earth are favourable.

  • The Yin Wood is the Liver & Neck.
  • The Goat is the Stomach and Back.

Make sure you take care of issues relating to any of these before they become problems and make sure you are in a good area
(Luck=Mountain=Human Fortune) of your home, which will help you get through the month.

The Circle of Life

  • The Yin Wood harmonises with Yang Metal producing Metal.
  • The Goat harmonises with the Horse, when they combine they make Fire.This brings 2 elements/people together.
  • The Goat is the “Catalyst & Peacemaker”
  • Motto is “I Love” .
  • In other words; patient, taking on enormous workload, Media and writers are in trouble, confrontations and criticism, caring, loving, spiritual not material, stylish, graceful unassuming personality is what you breathe.
  • The Goat, Pig & Rabbit combine and produce more Wood.
    The above 3 animals are “Catalysts”.

As the Month is the Wood Goat elementally. You are also breathing in; Fair play, creativity, loving nature (start your worm farms).

The Circle of Conflict

  • The Yin Wood challenges Yin Metal
  • The Goat challenges the Ox (The Year).

It is a Month that brings Endings; Relationships, Travel, creativity, movement and so on, finish things off as the following Month is “KAPOW!” Be ready.

  • The Wood is a Man for an Earth Woman (Yin or Yang).
  • The Wood is a Woman for a Metal Man (Yin or Yang).
  • The Earth is a Man for a Water Women (Yin or Yang).
  • The Earth is a Woman for a Wood Man (Yin or Yang).

Challenging Days in July are; 4th, 13th, 16th, 25th, 28th & 3rd of August
Most challenging Hours in July 1-3pm & really every hour as the Month challenges the Year.

Your Personal Four Pillars

For you as an element-No change as still same elements yet emotional not changing everything unless emotions.

  • Wood people – Family, friends & colleagues all want some of that cash $$$$$$$$$
  • Water people – Shine, Expression, promotion, brings the PRESSURE.
  • Metal people – $$$$$$ from a Storage, a win, inheritance, bonus, and more.
  • Earth people – PRESSURE from all like you: family, siblings, colleaues.
  • Fire people –Many ideas and must be put out not just a thought, SHINING.

August begins on the 8th 2021.

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